B orn and bought up in Punjab, Pratap Fauzdar is the most popular name in 'Stand Up Comedy' and 'Hasya Kavi Sammelan' as well. Being a poet by nature, Pratap Fauzdar is an Automobile Engineer by profession. He is the "Laughter Champion" of one of the most popular reality TV Show "THE GREAT INDIAN LAUGHTER CHALLENGE".Before getting this title he was also avery known name of Kavi Sammelan Industry.


Pratap Fauzdar started reciting his poems in kavi-sammelans since 2003, earlier he used to recite his creations in "Veer Ras (OJ)". But gradually he started including laughter and humor in his performances which later led him to "THE GREAT INDIAN LAUGHTER CHALLENGE". After getting the title of "THE LAUGHTER CHAMPION" his popularity on stage and comedy shows grew rapidly. In current scenario also, after rocking the stage with humor and laughter he winds up his performances with patriotic creations.And he is the only person capable of moulding up the performance in such a form.


Pratap Fauzdar is one and the only poet in the history of Kavi-Sammelan Industry to perform in more than 40 countries till date. He has been honored by a lot of reputed National and International Institutions. He has done approx 1800 kavi-sammelan and 1100 laughter shows on National and International TV Series like The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, The Great Indian Laughter Champion, Laughter Nights, Comedy Circus, Just laugh Baaki Maaf, Fauzdar Hoshiyar(Dedicated Fauzdar Show) and "Comedy King The Real Muqabla Pakistan vs India on ARY Pakistan".

His most famous creation "TIRANGA" was especially honored by the then "Vice-President of India Bhairav Singh Shekhawat"



Upcoming TV and Reality Shows of Pratap Fauzdar on Television & Web Channels:

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    May 1, 2014
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